For too many people, sugar is a staple of their diet. Yet, we know that feeding your body with whole foods and natural produce is the (only) best long-term strategy for maintaining good health. In reality, sugar is not part of that equation. Giving up something like sugar which we know is toxic seems even more scary to people than the truth, which is that it is toxic like an addiction, and it is wrecking havoc on your body. There is so much more to gain by simply giving it up.

Ever have that feeling of overload, followed by crash and burn? You know what I am talking about. Many of us face it every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove just one of those heavy loads. Why not take a small step towards that, which is what the elimination of sugar does. Trust, you will feel so much better without it and even notice that if or when you do consume it again how much sugar completely messes up your system.

Maybe thinking of it as “substituting” rather than “eliminating” would be easier – substituting fake or refined sugars with real foods like fruits and veggies. Or maybe using the words like “gaining” rather than “removing” is more real – you are gaining your health by removing toxic elements. No matter what wording you use, there is value in lightening your load and giving your body some rest.

Think of it this way … How would you react if you never had a day off from work? Ahhhh, crazy right?! The benefits of a sugar detox are the same for your body. Even if you only last one week or one day for that matter. That short time will have an astronomical benefit, though I suggest to rinse and repeat that practice. However, please keep in mind that short periods of detoxing or cleansing aren’t as effective as making it part of your lifestyle or at least an extended period of time, especially if your pattern is detox – binge – detox – binge – detox … you get the picture.

When you detox you help your body clear out the clutter. Everyday is an opportunity to start fresh and remove hazardous elements. A proper detox will gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and your metabolism. Our 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge is a detox program in it’s truest form – a step towards improved overall health – where you are eliminating a huge toxic element, sugar. It’s simple – no sugar for 30 Days.

The body, if we treat it right, works hard every day (all day long) to detoxify. You add bad things and it removes bad things. Yet every day we choose to weigh it down with more and more. When you undergo a detox, it’s about avoiding foods that tend to create metabolic waste and choosing foods that aids the cleansing process – in this case sugar.

Remember, we are purposely starting in small steps, a more comprehensive cleanse or detox program involves more than the body, and would perhaps focus on removing more common toxins/allergens than just sugar, however, a sugar detox is a great way to strengthen your immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and allow the body to “catch up.” Just like you, your body needs a rest!

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